Male Disposibility and Mental Health

Some of my regulars will have seen me occasionally post videos from rationalist anti-feminist Karen Straughan on here. Aside from her outing the truly lowest of the low of bottom-feeding hate-mongers in feminist thinking, and calling out the hypocrites and misandrists, one video caught my eye and now I am wondering what effect it has had and is having on male mental health. (more…)

What Depression Feels Like

I’ve had a few commentors recently, especially since posting about Robin Williams, explaining that they have never been depressed and therefore do not really understand what it feels like. It’s an interesting question and it is not always easy to explain in terms that people who have not suffered mental health issues, would understand. (more…)

“Why? He Had It All” is the Wrong Question

The shocking suicide of Robin Williams just a couple of days ago has really demonstrated two things when it comes to talking about depression. Firstly, that we are so much more open than we were even just a couple of years ago. On social media, people are being far more open about their own struggles or people they know. (more…)

“I Can’t Compete With That”

I sometimes take to going back through my blog history looking for inspiration and ideas for upcoming posts and came across this one that was the beginning of the Miss X + Mister Unsuitable saga that partly fuelled by sink into depression in late Summer 2012. It’s two years since that low point and I hope never to return there again. (more…)

Men and Sexuality: The Myth That Men Don’t Get “Slut Shamed”

I find slut-shaming in any form to be bizarre. Certainly, I understand why people link morality with promiscuity, I understand the context and history and why it still perpetuates today. That’s not to say that I agree with it in any form, because I don’t. What I am saying is that I simply do not get it. I have never linked sexual promiscuity with morality, I do not (and have never) seen the act as dirty and I – as far as I can recall – ever used that word except in this context. It is a wonderful and enjoyable act. I prefer it in the confines of a relationship but I do not judge people who choose to be freer and easier with their own bodies. (more…)