What Easter Has Come to Mean For Me

Now, I’m not religious at all so the spiritual meaning that many people put into Easter – whether it is the Christian ideal of death and rebirth, or the pagan celebration of the birth of spring, has never held the same personal meaning that – say – Christmas has always and continues to have for me. Christmas to me is about reflecting on the end of the year and waiting for what the new one will bring. Easter always meant chocolate, warmer weather and looking forward to summer. (more…)

Men and Mental Health: Problems “Downstairs”

Sexual dysfunction can affect relationship development

Most men will go through some sort of sexual dysfunction at some point – you will experience premature ejaculation, sudden loss of erection (or not even be able to get one in the throes of passion) – often caused by nerves, pressure and other issues. It is pretty normal to happen sometimes and when those occasional relapses occur, it’s not something to worry about… most of the time.


Misunderstanding Low Self-Esteem (Revisited)

About a year and a half ago, I wrote this article about common misconceptions of low self-esteem, specifically that many people think low self-esteem can be overcome merely by achieving things and reminding yourself of what you have achieved. This is part of it, but it is not enough. This is mostly because a person with low self-esteem is utterly convinced that they are not good enough. No matter what you achieve, no matter how hard you work you are always going to feel inadequate. You will also persistently discount those little successes

You got 80% on that test? Great, but you know if you’d tried harder you’d have got 85% You got a first class degree… hah! so did a lot of other people, you should have won one of the special Department’s or Dean’s awards for academic excellence. (more…)

The Language of Dating and Relationships

“How do we refer to each other?” was a question that came up during a skype chat last week. Almost feeling that we are now a couple, with all barriers removed – we are exclusive, we’ve kissed, we’ve been intimate and finally when we last saw each other – had sex – I have been at a bit of a loss on how to refer to Mirror Image so I asked her how she refers to me when she talks to others about me. (more…)

How Mental Health Services Fail Men

Stark figures from The Independent once again on the state of mental health and the disparity of statistics between genders. Most startlingly, and this is something that I looked at before in a rather unhelpful article from Science Daily, has come to a shocking headline once more:

Men are half as likely to be diagnosed with with depression but three times more likely to commit suicide.


Your Scent is On My Pillow

I wrote this a couple of days ago (the day after Mirror Image left) and have fiddled with it and edited it to high heaven but have been too nervous to post it so far! So I guess… here goes nothing

I climb into bed on my own, the night after we last shared it together,

And I am instantly drawn to the pillow that you rested your head on.

I bury my nose in its inviting softness and draw in a lungful of air.


Our Third Date

If a date lasts nearly four days, is it one date?

What a wonderful few days we had. She arrived Saturday afternoon after her long trip and over the course of the next few days we visited some mutually-chosen tourist attractions, we had a cinema date, went out for a meal and got to know each other a whole lot better. I now feel very close to her and felt sad when I saw her off at the train station this morning. If I am not mistaken, I also think I saw a tear in her eye as she passed through the barrier and up the stairs to her platform.