Sexless Marriages and Spreadsheetgate (Reprise)

I know that Spreadsheetgate has all died down, but I was watching another Karen Straughan video a few weeks ago and she made a claim that I felt I had to stop the clip and go and check out. Specifically, it was that deliberately withholding sex (and affection) is considered a form of domestic abuse by DV charities and organisations. Continue reading

I Give You My Heart With Those Three Little Words

The family function on Saturday went very well and we were very affectionate. I felt very much loved up that day and proud to be showing off my new girlfriend to my family – some of whom had met Mirror Image before that day. A few hours before our very minor tiff caused by a lack of communication about our sex life, I finally said the three words I had been dying to say. Continue reading

World Suicide Prevention Day: My Story, Two Years On

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day, so I thought I would look back on two years ago.

This summer, I visited the place again where I almost took my own life. It’s two years since that fateful day when I stopped only to take a photograph and contemplated ending it all. Still glad I didn’t but now I look back on that day only to see how different things are now from what they were then. On that day I felt I had nothing to live for.

Continue reading

Communication Breakdown in the Bedroom

At the beginning of a relationship, it’s all lovey-dovey, nothing bothers either of you. The thought that you might ever argue is as far away as the notion that you might grow old together. If you are lucky, you can’t keep your hands off each other and it’s a neverending series of kissing, cuddling, holding hands and rampant sex. Continue reading

Virtual Girl/Boyfriends – A Novelty Service or a Sign of the Times?

It is said the internet connects us all more than ever. It is much easier to make friends on the other side of the world and stay in contact with family members who move thousands of miles away; that part cannot be argued with and it is a wonderful thing in bringing people back together. Its detractors say that living in an online world, we are becoming too reliant on technology and neglecting our physical interpersonal relationships. Continue reading

Find a Girl, Settle Down…

Mirror Image and I have been officially a couple for about five months now and we class our anniversary as the day we met (early December). We live 200 miles apart and travel to see each other whenever we can. It could not remain this way forever, there is going to come a time when we strongly desire to see more of each other than we do. Each time we part, I miss her just that little bit more. She admits that when she feels low that she is even more sad because she simply can’t just come over and see me for a hug and talk about things. Continue reading

Male Disposibility and Mental Health

Some of my regulars will have seen me occasionally post videos from rationalist anti-feminist Karen Straughan on here. Aside from her outing the truly lowest of the low of bottom-feeding hate-mongers in feminist thinking, and calling out the hypocrites and misandrists, one video caught my eye and now I am wondering what effect it has had and is having on male mental health. Continue reading

What Depression Feels Like

I’ve had a few commentors recently, especially since posting about Robin Williams, explaining that they have never been depressed and therefore do not really understand what it feels like. It’s an interesting question and it is not always easy to explain in terms that people who have not suffered mental health issues, would understand. Continue reading