A Note to Feminists and MRA commenters (Sticky Post)

A lot of my posts recently have been very critical of the gender politics of both sides of the spectrum. My criticisms of both MRA and feminists has ruffled feathers. As somebody who is left-leaning, I have some sympathy with feminist causes. I also happen to be male and therefore see feminist double standards and lots […]

Five Years Hence: Living Together

Pardon my reminiscing this month, I promise I am not brooding. But as this would have been my fifth wedding anniversary, I can’t help but reflect on what has happened in the sixty months that have passed since my wedding day of an ill-fated marriage that should never have taken place. Continue reading

“Creep!!!!” – Double Standard of the Sex Positive Sphere

Towards the end of my article on slut-shaming a little while back, I finished off with a critique of the sort of so-called Sex Positive people who champion female sexuality (let me reiterate here that it is a good thing and I have no problem with this) but do not and will not do so for men. Some mainstream and feminist media that considers itself Sex Positive still seemingly has an aversion to male sexuality in all its forms. It is portrayed in one of two ways: Continue reading

Five Years Hence: Changes

It struck me just this week, that this month would have been my fifth wedding anniversary – we had been together ten years at that point. Five years since I joined in matrimony to the woman I thought was to be my first and only love, the only woman I would wake up to for the rest of my life, the only woman I would ever be intimate with. Yet our paper anniversary was to be the only one we celebrated. Continue reading

Why Do I Keep Dreaming Of You?

This is ridiculous and more than a little frustrating. I am madly in love with Mirror Image and fall in love with her just that little bit more every day. Our relationship is strong. We are not having problems by any stretch of the imagination and in the 10 months since we met… six months since we decided we were official (but backdated it to December when we met) we have had just one minor tiff. Continue reading

Things You Need for Fulfilling LDR Sex Life

Mirror Image and I are not particularly highly sexed, as we discovered a few weeks ago and mistakenly assumed the other had an insatiable libido. The fact that we live over 200 miles apart means that we have to make the most of our physical sex life when we are together. It also means in order to keep a healthy sex life and to cope with going long periods without seeing each other, we have to try something else. Continue reading

The Domestic Violence Double Standard

I had a debate with Delilah at Delilah’s Angels a few weeks ago about female to male domestic violence. She felt that F on M is not seen as a joke. I would very much like your thoughts on this one, Delilah…

What would you do if you saw someone physically abusing their partner in public? Would you intervene or walk away because it is not your business? Would you refuse to get involved for the sake of your own safety? Would you react differently depending on the gender of the person who is abusing?

This shocking video shows the real disparity between how we treat female and male victims of domestic abuse. Continue reading

Name Change!

It’s time to undergo another change. I started Chin Up, Chest High! to chronicle my mental health issues recovery, self-discovery, the trauma of divorce from the person who then had been my only love, dating and eventually finding love again (I have been in a relationship since December 2013). Recently though, readers will have noticed I have taken a much closer interest in gender issues, especially those related to male mental health. Continue reading