Sexless Marriages are Agonising – Let’s Not Condemn People Who Have it Imposed On Them

I’m sure you have all heard by now of the man who compiled a spreadsheet of his wife’s excuses for persistently rejecting his sexual advances. While the world universally condemns yet another mere male for thinking only with his penis, I want to give an alternative view and share my own personal experience of sexless relationships. While what he did was very unhelpful, I’m not beyond believing that he did it driven to despair. I chose the opposite and ended up hurting myself emotionally. (more…)

One Year On #3

It’s that time of year again. For recent arrivals, and as a reminder for my regulars, this is a project I started a couple of year ago. Basically, every year around mid July, I write a letter to myself to be read the following year. At the same time, I read the letter I wrote myself last year and compile a response. If you feel the need to read previous entries, they are here:

Year one of the project
Year two of the project (more…)

Returning To “That Place”

I’m not typically one to get overly sentimental about places unless I have particularly strong memories or emotions associated with it. December made me realise that I can and do fall in love with places, especially when memories cover many years and both wonderful and bad memories. My recent holiday with Mirror Image actually brought me very close to the place mentioned in that article – it is about 40 miles away from the holiday home my family used to own and so naturally, we headed that way. (more…)

Anxiety Strikes at the Strangest Times

Mental illness, even in a mild(er) form like self-esteem, is never fully beaten. I discovered that this week on the last day of my holiday with my girlfriend. We had a really good time, spent some much needed time together and hopefully paved the way for further development. Yet the final few days, I had a creeping feeling that all was not right – and I had no basis for believing it. (more…)

First Holiday Together

So I am back from my first holiday away with Mirror Image. This was a big step for both of us. For her, it was a first ever holiday with a boyfriend; for me it was my first holiday with a woman other than my ex-wife. The last time I went away with a woman, it was a swansong – a kind of goodbye. But this, this was a hello – the first test of a new relationship. (more…)

Can We PLEASE Stop With this “REAL MAN” Crap?

Ladies, seriously, I know you think you are doing us a favour by making suggestions on how we should be in order to make your life the world easier, but I am getting quite sick and tired of women (especially feminists) deciding – for men – what men should be like. If you were not born a male, then you really don’t know what it is like to be a man. I’m sorry but that is all there is to it… and you have no right to decide what a man should be. (more…)

Did I See You The Other Day?

Because for a moment it sure as hell looked like you :-/

I joined the queue inside the petrol station – the pay at pumps were not working today for some reason and I stood there checking my watch, I hoped that I would miss the rush hour. I’m 50 miles from home meeting my ex-wife for lunch and a chat. It also happens to be your home town so there’s every possibility that I might bump into you there some day. (more…)